About London


London has been the world’s financial capital since the 19th century. UK markets are open to foreign investors and the country is considered a secure investment location, consequently remaining popular for foreign direct investment. The UK’s proximity to Europe, relations with the US and their Commonwealth heritage, as well as it’s geographical positioning between Asian and US time zones all benefit London.

English Common Law is one of main legal systems in the world, considered attractive to foreign business. UK corporation tax is the lowest of all G7 countries and its network of double taxation treaties one of the largest globally. The UK private equity market is the most developed in the world outside the US and London has the second largest global concentration of hedge funds.

NSM opened a London office in 2022, providing onshore trust and corporate services to UK entities. In addition to incorporating companies in London, and/or providing them with company administration services, our London presence enables NSM to act as service agents for overseas clients mandated to comply with the UK’s Register of Overseas Entities for all UK property they hold.