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We tailor and administer structures to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

In our experience every clients’ requirements are slightly different and require individual touches to make the structure work efficiently.   NSM works closely with our clients' trusted advisers to ensure not only is the tax and legal advice adhered to, but the precise nuances are in place to ensure efficient and professional implementation, along with a bespoke service going forward.

Trusts are often used to enable wealth to pass from one generation to another with the additional flexibility of the Trustees having discretion as to who can benefit.  Such flexibility can assist in the protection of vulnerable, young or imprudent beneficiaries, along with protection against forced heirship regimes, divorce or political instability.  

As we deal with clients present in Civil law jurisdictions, Foundations are sometimes attractive. Introduced in 2012 with the passing of The Foundations (Guernsey) Law they have offered clients a choice of a type of legal structure which allows the Founder to retain influence over the activities of the Foundation.  Whilst many characteristics of a foundation are also found in a discretionary trust the additional oversight provided through the role of the Council and the Guardian mean that foundations are very well suited for either family asset protection or charitable purposes.

Companies are often utilised to provide limited liability protection to the shareholders, segregate certain asset types, provide confidentiality within the boundaries of international legal and tax transparency legislation along with tax mitigation in certain circumstances.

In combination with a corporate structure, Trusts often allow great flexibility in the variety of assets that can be held and managed, not limited to; financial assets, real estate, private equity, family businesses, along with lifestyle asset such as yachts, aircraft, art and chattels.

NSM has considerable experience in managing a wide array of assets and liaising with the respective asset managers involved, be they property agents, investment portfolio managers or yacht captains.

Our Services

  • Trust establishment, administration and accounting
  • Company formation, administration and accounting
  • Limited partnerships
  • Sharia compliant structures
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Charitable trusts
  • Foundations
  • Liquidations

How you benefit

  • Experienced Management
  • Independent ownership
  • In-house expertise

An international, independently managed leader

Working with clients in over 90 jurisdictions, NSM is an independent firm, head-quartered in Guernsey, providing trust, corporate, family office and pension plan services to international clients.

Established in 2014 under our current owner management team, all from senior positions in multinational companies, we understand the need to act in your best interests; without conflicts.

Our team of selected industry professionals from the fields of tax, accountancy, trust, investment and banking offer you individual solutions, working when necessary with the best external advisers, we engage with you positively to manage the opportunity and mitigate risk.

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